2007 02 26 The breakdown

Scene: We see our tow protagonist's car sitting on the side of the road. The hood of the car is up with Ian peering inside. Dawn is busy turning the key and trying to start the car.

Dawn: How about now?

Ian: No still nothing, I think it's dead.

Dawn: Can you see what is wrong with it?

Ian: Nope

Dawn: (sighs) why aren't you better with cars

Ian: (indignant at the comment) Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know being a mechanic was a prferequisite for this trip!

Dawn: Well it would have been a nice addition to your already lengthy list of skill. Snoring, farting in your sleep…

Ian: I alreay told you I can't help it when I'm asleep!

Dawn: (sighs)

Ian: (looks at the engine and thinks for a moment) Hey why don't you look at the owners manual?

Dawn: You still have that?

Ian: Of course it's in the glove box.

Dawn: (opens the glove box and begins to look for the manual, stumbli ng across a small painted figurine in the process) What's this?

Ian: What's what?

Dawn: This. (holds it out the car window)

Ian: (becomes very self consicous and defensive) Hey give that back that's not yours! (runs over and grabs it out of Dawn's hand)

Dawn: Hey! Well what is it?

Ian: It's my lucky orc commander.

Dawn: your lucky what?

Ian: Orc commander

Dawn: What's that?

Ian: It's from a game, Warhammer, you wouldn't understand.

Dawn: I understand plenty, what is it used for?

Ian: (looks down at the figure, holds it gingerly) Well you know Dungeons and Dragons? It's like that only this game uses these figures.

Dawn: Oh. (pauses, thinks for a moment) So are your parents ashamed?

Ian: Ashamed? About what? What could thye possibly be ashamed about?

Dawn: (cuckles a bit as she says) For raising such a nerd.

Ian: I am not a nerd!

Dawn: Yeah you are! You play a gmae that somehow found a way to be even dorkier that Dungeons and Dragons!

Ian: It is not! If Tommy Pendergrass was here he'd explain it better.

Dawn: WHo's Tommy Pendergrass?

Ian: He's the best at this game. In fact he's the one that gave me this. (shows Dawn the figurine again)

Dawn: Is he also the one that painted it like a mentally challenged person.

Ian: No, I did that ( thinks about what he said) and I'm not retarded!

Dawn: No of course not…. so how old is Tommy.

Ian: What's that got to do with anything?

Dawn: I'm just curious.

Ian: Well I dno't see how that is relevant to this conversation.

Dawn: Well now that your getting all defenisve about it, it just became very relevant.

Ian: Well, he's fourteen.

Dawn: (starts laughing) You mean to tell me that you get schooled be a fourteen year old?

Ian: (gets defensive again) Wisdom has no age!

Dawn: Yeha but fourteen? Hahahaha

Ian: Shut up already, I would make fun of you!

Dawn: Your right you'd probably try to defeat my goblin horde!
Ian: (says nothing, goes back to the engine)

Again Dawn trys to start the car, miraculously it starts right up

Ian: Guess it just flooded….

Ian gets back into the car and with that Dawn puts it in drive and merges back onto the road.

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