Welcome to the Where are the Joneses? wiki site. Where are the Joneses? was a daily comedy, shot entirely for the web and it’s very funny. (Although it's over now you can still see the films - go here).

Where Are The Joneses? was written in collaboration with the Where are the Joneses? community. Written by you!


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Where Are The Joneses?

Well folks, the project is now finished, the last script has been written, the last tank filled with petrol and Dawn and Ian have set off into the sunset, fearing for their lives. Who's the Daddy? Why is Cherry so mad? These and other questions will just have to swim around your head I'm afraid.

But don't despair - we have some new feedback from the last weeks of the project and some great Bonus Material on the main site. So you can get your fix a little while longer.

The end of the road for Ian and Dawn?

In the final episode of ‘Where are the Joneses’, Dawn and Ian are hot on the trail of Cherry Lodojo after she despatched their sister, Tina. Can they catch Cherry before she does any more damage? Will Ian’s secret concerning his past with Cherry even be aired? Will we find out who the daddy is?

Here is the last episode of the Joneses - enjoy!

Bruce and Ruth join the Joneses

Bruce Jones (Les Battersby in Coronation Street) and Ruth Jones (Myfanwy in Little Britain) have both appeared in the Joneses, courtesy of Dawn’s daydream. To see them, watch the latest Where are the Joneses’ video, released today call 90: Bruce and Ruth.

Want to be a Jones extra?

Dawn and Ian are coming back to the UK to head off Cherry Lodojo before she gets her mitts on Tina Framoslo, another Jones clan sibling.

Our latest intelligence is that Tina has a short film that will be premiered at the Manchester Cornerhouse on Wednesday, September 5th at 5pm. So, if you would like to appear as an extra in the Joneses adventures and see if Dawn and Ian can save Tina from Cherry, come on down to the Cornerhouse this Wednesday and participate in the Joneses’ adventure. You never know, you might even be a Jones yourself…?

70 Oxford Street
M1 5NH

Who's the Daddy?


After discovering that she is the product of sperm donation, all fathered by the same sperm donor, Dawn has been searching for her other 27 siblings, armed only with a list of names and one solid piece of information, her father is called Mr Jones.

Through Dawn and Ian’s European extravaganza, they have found many of their brothers and sisters but not the answer to the biggest question of them all, ‘who's the daddy’?

It’s time for the Jones Community to tell us who you think Dawn and Ian's father is! It could be absolutely anybody. So, post a response in the forum and let's hear who you think the daddy is.

So far, suggestions have included Tom Jones, Howard Jones, Terry Jones and David Hasselhoff.

Be the voice of a sibling!


We want a Jones community member to play an unseen sibling and we urgently need you to record a brief voice sample and send us your throaty efforts. Here are some ideas to get you going.

Simply record the script in your best Austrian accent.

We need this by Friday at 20.00 GMT when we'll have chosen someone and email them the finished script to record and get back to us by Sunday at 18.00 GMT.

Post a response in the forum and let's hear how good your Austrian accents are!

Fandango already has!

The end is nigh


Well my friends, the time is drawing near. ‘Where are the Joneses?’ is nearly over…for now. And we were wondering if you had any ideas about what the last 30 seconds might look like.

Is there any ending you always wanted to see? Something that's never been seen before? Something that flips everything on its head? Stretch yourselves! Give us your best shot.

Post a response in the forum and let's end this season with a bang!


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