Well, kids - the main project is over but we can still have a chat about comedy and all things collaborative here on the forum!

Also we have some more material coming in the form of Bonus Material on the main site plus feedback from the lovely BabyCow. So keep your eyes on the forum!

End of the road
With the end of the road in sight, we need your help to make the Joneses' story end with a bang!
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Last seen behind Snowy, filming Cherry Lodojo...
311by (account deleted)
11 Apr 2011 06:34Jump!
Dawn and Ian have a sperm donor but who exactly is it? You tell us!
438by (account deleted)
11 Apr 2011 06:37Jump!
With only a short while to go, we need to know how you think we should end Dawn and Ian's adventures.
761by (account deleted)
11 Apr 2011 06:38Jump!
Channel 4 & The Joneses needs you!
Channel 4 are interested in making a news report about The Joneses following on from yesterday's news story and today's article in The Guardian. So, post some content and get involved!
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We are looking for a contributor from the wiki audience to go out to meet the Joneses on the road with a Channel 4 news team and make an episode. So, get posting now!
320by (account deleted)
11 Apr 2011 06:39Jump!
Remix all the best Joneses moments and then publish and share your handy work
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Other sites where you can hack, mash, rip and edit "Where are the Joneses?"
22by zeroinfluencerzeroinfluencer
29 Jul 2007 12:45Jump!
We need your sound clips for the Joneses video
512by (account deleted)
11 Apr 2011 06:39Jump!
High res Joneses files are now available online for mashups
26by (account deleted)
11 Apr 2011 06:40Jump!
New Users
Welcome to the Joneses' wiki! Come and tell us what you think.
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New to wikis or have a great suggestion? Let us know what you think.
739by Essay Writing HelpEssay Writing Help
09 Aug 2011 17:47Jump!
Cast and Characters
Discuss the characters and how they should evolve
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838by Dave SaundersDave Saunders
28 Aug 2007 01:29Jump!
713by (account deleted)
11 Apr 2011 06:40Jump!
Here you can discuss and add new characters.
1255by DaleGriffithsDaleGriffiths
05 Sep 2007 18:21Jump!
The Journey
Where are they going?
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Recommend places to visit and stay.
829by (account deleted)
11 Apr 2011 06:37Jump!
What can you see through your windscreen. Send us your videos?
14by MaxleyMaxley
02 Sep 2007 14:38Jump!
Storylines and Scripts
Have an idea for daily scripts? Discuss them here.
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Discuss the episodes
743by LenaLeeLenaLee
01 Sep 2007 09:08Jump!
Are we? Then let us know.
I want to be in this
What can you do? Where are you?
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47by ChrissyboyukChrissyboyuk
12 Aug 2007 10:15Jump!
RSS Comedy Hacks
Use the Joneses RSS feeds
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Here they are. Now what are you going to do with them?
06 Nov 2007 08:41Jump!
Feature request
Is there anything missing from the wiki? Let us know!
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Widgets, Feeds or tools. Ask and we'll see if we can get it for you.
24by zeroinfluencerzeroinfluencer
11 Jul 2007 23:13Jump!
We've got video, images, text and twitter. Anything else?
48by Doctor BarnardoDoctor Barnardo
06 Jul 2007 17:50Jump!
Notifications and Help
Confused? Something not working? Let us know!
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13by Doctor BarnardoDoctor Barnardo
22 Jun 2007 17:12Jump!
Feedback here please..
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Notes on the wiki here
512by RacemozaRacemoza
02 Sep 2007 17:54Jump!

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