Stereotypical Scottish Man

A Scottish man aged between 40-50 years old with a broad Scottish accent, wearing stereotypical Scottish clothing (kilt and sporran). He can be seen in every city in Europe that Dawn and Ian visit, and tries to offer obscure food samples to them. He does not travel with the Joneses, although, and when they meet, it's like they've never met before (although Dawn does occasionally experience deja vu when they meet each other).

Example dialogue:
<In Paris, Scottish man approaches Dawn and Ian with a tray of goat's cheese>
Scottish Man: <In broad Scottish accent> Excuse me, how would you like to try some goat's cheese crostini?
Ian: Erm, I'd rather not, I'm not really a fan of cheese.
Dawn: And don't forget your highly irrational yet nonetheless terrifying fear of goats. But, I'll give it a go <Dawn takes a sample> Hmm, this is really rather nice. It's like cow's cheese but <short pause> different!

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