Patrick Savage

Patrick Savage aka ‘postman Pat’– resides Berlin, Germany.
Patrick was born in Wakefield into a relatively affluent family that had its own panel beating business. Due to the introduction of carbon fibre body panels things have not been quite as great recently.
On his 17th birthday, March 6th 1981, his grandmother died and left Patrick (her only grandchild) £14,000 in her will. He was always a bit of a showman and had admired Gladys, who worked at the local fish and chip restaurant, from afar.
He had to get himself some wheels and noticed. He spent a reasonable £800 on a mark II escort and £13,200 (using up the rest of his inheritance) on a personalised number plate ‘PAT 1’. This may seem expensive but the kudos you gained for having your own number plate back in those days in Wakefield was staggering.
Patrick became a bit of a local celebrity due to his raised social status. He went on his first date with Gladys to see ‘The legend of the Lone Ranger’ at the Odeon cinema. Things had never been better, he was enrolled on a course so he would be able to work in the family business and with his best girl at his side life was a dream.
In the late fall 1981 something happened that was to change his life forever. Postman Pat the children’s cartoon written by Bryan Daly was released. If any of you have ever watched postman pat’s capers in Greendale you may have noticed that he also had a personalised number plate ‘PAT 1’. Although the font was quite different to the one Patrick had it didn’t seem to matter. News of this soon spread throughout the town and everyone (including his own mom) starting calling Patrick Savage postman Pat. His street cred vanished over night, he knew he wouldn’t be able to sell the plate, who’d want to buy it now, he was stuck with it (sort of the personalised number plate equivalent of negative equity) . Other than one tender moment under a canal bridge on the Wakefield stretch of the Barnsley canal his relationship with Gladys was also over.
Patrick saw out the year and finished his course. He’d had enough of his nickname and decided to leave the country. He uped and moved to Berlin. He reckoned that as it was in an eastern block country it was probably free of BBC animated cartoons.
Rather ironically within a week of the Berlin wall coming down in 1989 his fellow workers were whistling the postman Pat theme tune in the factory (in between hitting large pieces of metal with hammers). Patrick was now 25 however and not as sensitive as when he was in his teens. He still had his escort and somehow had managed to register his number plate with the German motoring authorities. He saw the funny side of it and even encouraged it. He made up with his family back home in Yorkshire. His story had even made page 7 of the local Doncaster Daily. He was ‘dish of the day’ a very tastefully done full frontal nude shot (don’t worry a large lump hammer was covering his genitals).
This tale does have a happy end as the other week on ebay Patrick sold his number plate for 120 grand (wouldn’t be surprised if Mr Daly himself stumped up the cash).
Patrick is still living and happily married in Berlin but now with a nice holiday home in Cudworth.
If Dawn and Ian are ever in Berlin Patrick would gladly show them around. Alternately if they needed a bit of body work doing on Snowy ( let’s face it it has taken a few knocks, hit with bottles, scratching from the thatched roof, the Ouija board session etc) then I am sure that they could go and see Patrick on a purely professional level.

Patrick Savage
Berlin Panels
Schven straat 8

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