Milton Earl

Milton is a student from Woking on his gap year. He’s hiking around Europe aimlessly, trying to ‘find himself’ before going to Aberystwyth University to read History. Dawn and Ian are gently coerced into giving him a lift by Jonti.

Initially Milton’s interest in soul-searching and psychic phenomena gives him something in common with Dawn, but it transpires that his real passion is for science fiction and fantasy, and he becomes a zealous acolyte of Ian, who knows a lot about all that. His increasing devotion to Ian starts to irk Dawn, especially as Milton seems to regard him like an elder brother, a role Ian seems surprisingly able to play. In fact Milton starts modelling himself on Ian.

Dawn, feeling sidelined, tries to get Milton on her side. She uses her feminine charms, to no effect, she uses her innate bossiness, also to no effect, and finally she tries to scare Milton off with stories she makes up about Ian, possibly with the wrong effect.

Ian has really come out of himself, but Milton does seem hard to dislodge and Dawn just wants things the way they were - a nice, simple, dysfunctional pair looking for a battalion of reluctant European spooge-siblings.

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