Lloyd is a South African 23 year old on a permanent gap year. He meets Dawn and Ian in Amsterdam where he's 'cotching and blazing it up'.

Lloyd is a deep thinker. He's overly ethusive about most things and loves meeting new people and 'going on a journey' with them. He adores philosophy, deep conversations and chilling out. He's intensly serious and most of what comes out of his mouth is complicatedly articulated nonsense. He speaks in the laid back tones of someone who's seen all the world has to offer.

A walking contradiction he's in favour of the welfare state, corporal punishment, reality TV, all relgions and white lies (he's a compulsive liar).

He loves Thai food - "man those red curries are tasty… I need to get me some chilli heat".

He asks penetrating questions - "Are you a boho chick? I dig that. You've got a great vibe. Really fresh…"

His idol is Jeffrey Archer because he writes beautifully.

He adore to read - "I've never finished a book. Never. When I get towards the end I panic and have to stop myself. I don't think it's healthy to draw a line under things… If I do finish a book I immidiately start again from the beginning… Life's a cycle - you can't escape that…"

He'll befriend Ian and Dawn, thinking they're mission is a "headfuck" but something that, in time, he can embrace. He couldn't live with himself unless he gave of himself what he could. Beginning with his mobile phone.

I will play Lloydy (happily).

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