John Otomo

In 1968 Mr Jones (the Donor) took a trip to Tokyo to make a deposit in one of the first of two sperm banks opened in 1965, the other being in Iowa City, USA. Mr Jones had always wanted to visit Japan so with that in mind he filled his bags and went on his journey.

The Otomo family were a respected family who lived a happy life in Tokyo they had always wanted a son to carry on the family name. They tried again and again but Mr Otomo had a medical problem. So they visited the Tokyo sperm bank and made a collection. When they found out Mrs Otomo was pregnant the family were overjoyed, The daughter was very excited to have a new baby in the house.

When John was born he came out Caucasian a beautiful boy with bright blue eyes as Mr Jones Sperm had been donated. Scandal hit the papers about the "Mistake" the bank had made. Everywhere they went they were stared at everyone knew the Otomo family through the press. The Otomo family moved to Europe to make a new life. The Otomo family own Memorabilia shop where John is in charge. John leads a happy life sitting in his shop serving customers and making Gundam models.

John is loved by his family and have never ever considered him to be a mistake. There is no shame they just wanted to get away from the press.

I think this would be a nice issue to deal with. Dawn has talked about being an outsider in her family. Dawn would see John is not treated like as an outsider he just looks different. I think meeting this character would change Dawns attitude.

Dawn speaks to John on the phone and pressumes he is from an Irish family John O'Tomo.

Ian and John would have something in common being brought up in a Memorabilia shop, they would bond.

John Otomo is a tall man with blonde hair.

Who would play him?

A tall man with blonde hair :o)

[Edit] Maybe he could be six feet tall and full of muscles.

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