Jack Nibbs

I created the character Jack for a little online series i have been creating myself on youtube, but i think he could fit well into 'where are the joneses'.

Name: Jack Nibbs
Age: 26

- Jack was adopted but is still ignorant of that fact. He has a love of cows… perhaps a little too much love. sexualy he is conflicted and incest probably wouldnt be a put off. he has lived a very closeted life with a bully of a mother. mentally he's probably only 15-16. he lives in his bedroom in the north of england where he looks after his spots, and will often creap out at night to sleep in the hay that his cow once lived in. He sells cookies for a living.

This is Jacks video repsonse to the Where are the Joneses series:

and here is his breakdown of how he discovered he was related to Dawn and Ian:

Hello Dawn! please see this video. You're So beautiful. I know that we are related. its a feeling i got. warm and fuzzy like a cuddly toy but different. Your the only real family i have and i dont know you!! I've got some money. i would be willing to do anything to help reunite the family. You could put me to work to make some money. please dawn.

It turns out i was adopted when i was young. My real mother was lonely, and apparently got pissed, descided having a kid was a good idea, was impregnated in a hospital by a dodgy doctor who used donated sperm. nine months later she must have regretted it and gave me away.

Dawn Wanted to know more about Jack so he then posted this video for her.

Jack is still waiting desperatly for news, as is loyaly waiting by the phone.

but he made use of his time by writing a poem for dawn and Ian:

Jack responds to dawns teenage tales.

and herr he talks about what he's packing. [[embedvideo]]


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