Eanie Mansinie And Natasha 'Tash' Tranton

Eanie Mansinie is a watchstrap salesman from Geneva (married to a larger than life lady called Mohandas Mansinie). He travels throughout Europe plying his trade. Eanie has had an unfortunate career. He started out studying Dentistry, showing some early promise. The reason behind his dropping out of dental school is what can only be described as extremely unfortunate.
In his second year at University, his clinical practice two month assignment was at a women’s open prison. His second patient there, regrettably, was the notorious Natasha ‘Gnasha’ Tranton or Tash the Nash for short, thought to be raised by wolves in Yakutsk(following bungled adoption arrangements – she was shall we say lost in transit). Natasha was found sifting through the bins at the Yakutsk Kite Festival by a young upcoming Psychologist who brought her to Switzerland. Natasha found it extremely hard to adjust to the stresses in Western Europe and was constantly evicted from shopping centres for nipping at the ankles of customers.
The first ever ASBO (anti social biting order) seemed to have little effect on stemming what appeared to be innate behaviour. Tash refused to wear a muzzle in public and so a custodial sentence seemed the only solution. To her credit Tash had racked up an almost flawless record at the correctional facility and seemed to be making real progress in the intense rubber bone therapy that had been organised for her.
If Eanie had made his usual train that fateful morning he would have given Jess Turner (inside for minor bank fraud) a quick scale and polish. Instead he saw Natasha. Whilst carrying out a routine occlusal, Eanie reached a little too far into Tash’s mouth triggering the gag reflex. Like a flash Tash’s jaws snapped shut and Eanie lost two fingers.
Eanie dropped out of Dental school and suffered frequent nightmares. He became extremely scared of mouths which, as you can imagine, put a real strain on his relationship with his wife Mohandas. Binge eating was her way to ease her inner pain and lack of intimacy she craved. Eanie’s caring nature started to slip away and his wife’s eating increased exponentially. Eanie cancelled his direct debits to Amnesty International and the Red Cross. News of this betrayal leaked and soon spread throughout the village. The couple became known as Eanie Meanie Mighty Mo. Young children would holler this to them as they walked to and fro from the local shops causing them to become recluses in their own home.
One day Eanie decided enough was enough. He got up, dusted himself down and applied for a job. A position as a watch salesman had become available. After a very positive eleventh interview the job was his. His self confidence grew; he started to cycle and even started running the local spin class. His wife Mo’s character seemed to blossom and with regular exercise it wasn’t long before she was back to a size 18.
There was still something that was troubling Eanie. The mouth phobia was hard to shift. A friend of his suggested a victim witness program (vwp) that had recently been trialled for the first time in Pleck in the West Midlands. He knew it had to happen. He had to find and talk to Tash to put this dirty incident behind him. Sheila at the vwp managed to track Tash down. She was working as a dog kennel assistant in Lausanne, north east of Geneva. A job she had held down for the last two years since her release. She loved it and it gave her something she could really sink her teeth into. She enjoyed looking after the animals, It was almost as though she spoke their language.

As you could imagine their first meeting was very fraught. As they got to know each other , however, they seemed to develop a real kinship. It turned out they had both been adopted, although arguably Eanie’s was a little more successful. They shared the same wicked sense of humour (some would say sick), and they could sense each other’s pain when dark thoughts momentarily returned.
If they didn’t know better they could have almost been related!
Is Natasha Tranton also possibly on Dawn’s list?

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