Claude Gervais

Claude is a 16 year old French chav living in Paris. He is very patriotic over his beloved country. He knows little English but knows how to say, "I have never jumped a queue in my life!"

He wears a leather jacket, drives a motorcycle and smokes mucho weed. He hangs around with a gang of other chav’s who all enjoy yelling abuse at anybody near to them. Claude is the leader of this gang but likes to think he is a cut above them.

Claude turns out to be another of the sperm doners children. On hearing the news, he breaks down sobbing. His gang leave laughing. Claude is no longer their leader. Claude is very excited about his new Father. He asks Dawn and Ian if I can join them on their journey. He becomes aggressive when they say he is too young, blurting in English, “I have never jumped a queue in my life!”

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