Chester Wazz

Gender: Male

Age: Late 20's

Likes: Being Controversial, being a punk magician

Dislikes: David Blane, Derren Brown, All magicians bar himself. and Public transport.

Hangs Around: The streets with a "camera crew" trying to capture his "punk magic"

Special skills: He's a "magician", wears very dark glasses all the time because he says "If you saw my naked eyes you would reach sexual ecstacy in an instant, man or woman"

Chester is trying to turn magic on it's head by being the opposite of what magicians are. He's dogmatic, charmless and completely unaware of how useless he is. Likes doing "anti tricks" and doesn't believe in magic. Is making a showreel to try and get his tv show off the ground. "Chester Wazz: Punk Magician - The Paradox - No Such thing as Magic". He strongly refutes that the title is too long. An Ego the size of Africa and the Americas combined. Always clad in in a black leather jacket and ripped jeans. And likes to wear ironic t-shirts like you might find in the back of music magazines. He has at least 4 "Flash" T-Shirts like Freddy Mercury used to wear.

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