Billy Tyrell


AGE: 27

What does the character like to do: Billy likes to play football for money.

What does the character not like to do: Playing football for free, doing jobs that don't involve playing football. licking stamps.

Where does the character hang out: He's like the dog from the Littlest Hobo, he has no direction or home he just goes from town to town looking for a club.

Special Skills: He's a professional footballer (League Two), Gets the crowd going, likes to play short passes.

Billy Tyrell has recently been released by Mansfield Town. Billy's agent has just died as well and he is wandering Europe looking for a club. He's sold all his stuff to pay for the trip. Even his clothes. He walks around in his football kit (including boots) so people immediately know he's a footballer. Just in case the clubs he visits looking for work don't speak English. Billy can be obtuse at times, he's been a professional footballer since 16 and was YTS before that so he's not really had much of an education. He's not stupid, he's just differently bright. He has read two books. Garry Nelson's Left Foot Forward: A Year in the Life of a Journeyman Footballer (Even though Billy is right footed) and the novelisation of Universal Solider. Billy is willing to play any position except Right back. Because he says you can't name any famous right backs.

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